HOT FISHING RIGHT NOW!!  Our client Mike Maiers won $239,000 this past weekend sport fishing on our boat the 38' "Navajo" (formally the "Rebelde") crewed by Oscar & Juan at the Bisbee Los Cabos Offshore Sport Fishinavajo-300x225ng Tournament here in Cabo coming in second place out of 108 boats in the tournament. Cabo San Lucas is the world's best Marlin Fishing and we are coming into prime season right now and for the next few months. If you wish to try your hand at world-class sportfishing in beautiful Cabo San Lucas the next few months is the BEST weather, the BEST water, and the BEST time to fish! mike_maier-300x400 World-Class Sportfishing for Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, (mahi mahi), Wahoo and Sharks awaits your trip to this great Sportfishing Paradise. Catching many of these fish in a day's fishing is commonplace for this time of the year. We offer boats from 23' to 60' (including the 38' "Navajo") for all types of fishermen and groups. Whether you are a beginner or diehard expert we have a boat and crew that will assure you a world-class quality  adventure. COME ON DOWN!!

Marlin Sport Fishing Picking up, lots of Tuna

As everyone knows Cabo sport fishing is the best marlin sport fishing in the world. Marlin sport fishing has been picking up and lots of yellowfin tuna. Wahoo and dorado too. Good water. Temperature didn't cool off so much over the winter. Sportfishing boats doing well. Come on down and try your luck with sport fishing in Cabo. The Johnson family from Austin has sport fished Cabo San Lucas and on their third trip finally got their marlin, not just one but 4!! Plus a whole bunch of yellowfin tuna. The Schwimmer bachelor party group from Denver went out on two boats catching a total of six marlin, 18 tuna, nine dorado, and two wahoo. Weather is perfect the fishing is great. When you're done take one of your fish to Baja Cantina at the marina. They will cook your fish for you 5 different ways. Blackened, Alfredo, beer batter fried, cilantro, and everyone's favorite mango tropical salsa.  It's great. Great Mexican food too at Baja Cantina. Grecelda's at the marina will process your sport fishing catch and vacuum seal and freeze it for your trip home. Come on down to Cabo and give sport fishing a try!! The beaches and water are pristine and it's one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

Moby Dick Spotted

image1 One of only four white whales ever seen (one was Moby Dick!) and shes right here near Cabo San Lucas. The albino whale was first seen in 2008 and again the following year. Then for 7 years nobody saw her. She showed up this year with a year old baby and with a new baby calf as well. They will most likely be in the area for the next couple months.

Cabo Sport Fishing Report April

Cabo sport fishing has remained very good throughout the winter. Much warmer than normal water temperatures have kept the fish around more and it looks like we're gonna have a good fishing season when this happens. Our Cabo sport fishing boats are catching lots of dorado wahoo marlin and tuna. Lots of Sierra mackerel in close. Many boats start there and then head out to look for the marlin and other offshore fish. Weather has been perfect and the water conditions are great. Boats available 23' to 70' for any size group and budget so come on down to Cabo for sport fishing of a lifetime. Cabo San Lucas is the "Marlin Capital of the World."
Huge marlin on our cabo sport fishing boat

Great Cabo Sport Fishing in November 2014

The fishing was great in November! Not too many people either except for American thanksgiving week-end. Here is the summary of some of our client's trips in November (to December 1st): John McClean, first date Nov6th, caught 3 dorados and 1 marlin, we rented Renagado and caught 3 dorados & 1 marlin. On Nov 9th, Marsh on Rebelde: caught 2 marlin and 2 dorados, did great on Rebelde, the 2 couples that share a 33ft, went out on Cowboy, Michale and Grace and the other couple: David and Jules caught 1 marlin, 3 dorados, & 2 tunas. Silverados did great as well with Gllen’s client, caught 5 dorados and 3 tunas. Nov 10th Marsh did great too, caugh 4 dorados , 1 wahoo and 1 marlin, on Rebelde, the 33ft’s did greta tood, renegado caught 4 dorados and 1 sailfish, silverado caught 2 marlin and cowboy caught 4 dorados and 1 tuna. Nov 11th Debby Hadden on cowboy caught 2 wahoos and 2 dorados, did well - do not know the size, Muchacho and Rebede did good too, caught 8 rodados and 1 wahoo, and 2 marlin and 4 dorados respectivelly, and silverado 8 dorados. Nov 12th Lindsay Harkness on Muchacho alegre cuaght 10 dorados and 2 bonitas, did great, and cowboy 2 dorados and 2 boanitas and Silverdao caught 2 marlin adn 6 dorados. One 33ft went out on Nov 14th, and caught 8 dorados, 2 marlin, 3 wahoos and 1 tuna. On Nov 15th Ike Karavella went out on Cowboy and caught 1 marlin, 1 wahoo, and 2 dorados. And Daryn La won Rebelde caught 2 marlin. Ike Karavell went out again on Nov 17th and caught 5 dorados, and rented out rebelde and caugh 2 marlins. Don’t have records for Yates on Nov 18 On Cowboy, and either Nov 19th On Renegado, but on Nov20th On Renegado again he caught 3 tunas, 6 makos, 1 dorado, 1 marlin and 4 bonitas. And on Nov 24th, Emily went out on Rebelde, caught 1 marlin, on a half day trip. And Silverado caught 1 marlin. On Nov 26th, Renegado caught 2 dorados, Rebelde 2 dorados and 2 tunas. On Nov 27th Chris went out on Renegado and caught 4 tunas and 1 wahoo, also went out a lot and they caught 1 marlin On Nov 28th Ian Stoffel on Cowboy caught 1 marlin, Norris on Rebelde did good too, 1 marlin, 1 dorado, and 2 tunas, and they caught 12 tunas. On Nov 29th Pospisil, caught 1 large cabrilla, on Cowboy on a half day trip. Silverado nada, and Renegado 1 marlin and 1 tuna. Rented out Rebelde on Dec 1st and caught 15 dorados and 3 makos, and Muchacho caught 10 makos, 1 marlin, 20 dorados, and 1 wahoo, good day.

Marlin Dorado Wahoo abundant in Cabo Sport Fishing

Fishing remains very good with marlin dorado tuna and wahoo being caught by virtually all the boats. The big tuna are in. A few days ago we caught a 270lb yellowfin. John from Utah caught five marlin along with dorado and tuna. Steve from San Diego fished two days with similar success. The weather has been fantastic the water is warm the fishing is great. This is a great time of the year to come to Cabo San Lucas. The storm damage has been repaired all the hotels and restaurants are open everything is back in business. Come on down and get in on this fantastic action in this beautiful place.